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Deepak & Priya
19 January 2009
A matrimonial website can help you in getting your life partner I used to argue over this statement. But today, I can vouch for it after being married to Deepak. For me he is not just life partner but a soulmate. The story started nearly a year back when I got myself registered on The responses started flowing from the day one but nothing reallly clicked. I gave up the hope and stopped checking the interests too. One fine day I opened the website and selected two profiles at random. That was on insistence of my parents, who thought some profile might interest me. The next day my mother received a call from Deepak's side. It was Deepak's uncle on the other side. Subsequently, I received a call too, where uncle asked me if I want to have a meeting with him. By that time, I got extremely fed up but I agreed to have one meeting with him. While I was going to meet him, I was thinking all the while that I will try to wrap up the meeting as soon as possible and head to home. Frankly speaking, I wasn't interested and took it as a mere formality. However, to my surprise I and Deepak got along quite well with each other. The meeting was scheduled for the evening when my office gets over. We met at a coffee shop. He came straight from his client's place and I from my office. I was amazed to find out that he came to meet me without even having a look at my photo. He only knew my name as his brother, now my brother-in-law- Dheeraj and his Uncle had taken the task of finding a suitable match for him upon themselves. Though we met for just two hours, we felt as we know each other for several years. We found our soulmates. Our parents too were happy and got agreed for the alliance. Things took place quite soon. We didn't have chats and endless conversation to know each other. In just a week, we knew we are getting married. Today, its been a month and we are happily married. We thank for letting us find each other. Hope it works for others too. All the best to team. Priya and Deepak