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Tej & Suzu
24 May 2020
Well, we met on, that was lame. It started when I randomly came to her profile, I saw her face, she was beautiful and yet she had so innocent look. I same time sent her match request. I was a bit skeptic in the beginning, whether she will accept my request or not. See, honestly sending her request was my impulse, as I go through her profile I got sad. I felt like i am under qualified to be her life partner. Even after she accepted my match request I had no guts to start the conversation as if I knew that she isn't going to like me by any chance. Then, one fine day I got a message from her asking what actually i am up to? She was quite confused why wouldn't had I started the conversation when I am the one who had sent the request. So, that's how it began, our kind of story. I learnt one thing, never think that you can't achieve something unless you haven't put effort for it. Now, the more we discover each other the more we love each other. I am very lucky to found her, my true soulmate, my Bhutanese doll. I am so thankful to the team for I found her and now I am complete.