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Shanti & Praveen
02 July 2015
Our story starts from 23 Feb 2013 when I received an email and interest from Praveen Pawar in Initially I was bit hesitant to accept the request and reply to the e-mail as this was the first interest I received and I had just signed up for .Plus I was living in Delhi India and he was living in Melbourne Australia also there were cultural differences as I am from a Nepali family and he is from a Maharashtrian family. But there was something which kept pushing me to reply so I accepted his interest and replied to his email. Soon we started to skype, whatsapp and talk on phone. On 4th July 2013 Praveen visited India to meet me for the first time.It did not take more than 2 days to know that we were made for eachother. The next thing was families Praveens family had no issues but my family was not very happy with my decision. It took a month for me to convince my family. Finally on 1st sept 2013 we got engaged and Praveen applied Fiance VISA for me. Unfortunately in October 2013 I was diagnosed with Tuberclosis..!! Everything came to a halt for a moment. The world crumbled down for me. I felt sick and hopeless. It was a terrible time for us. I asked Praveen many times to leave me and move on but Praveen decided to stick to me. I started with my 6 month course of medicines. We still used to skype, text and talk on phone every day. Slowly I started feeling better, stronger and happier. Because of my sickness the VISA took longer time to be approved. Praveen made six visits to India in a year all the way from Melbourne. I will always love him for bearing the long flights for me... :) Finally My VISA was approved on 28 Oct 2014 and I came to Melbourne in Dec 2014. We got married on 15 March 2015. With each day passing we love each other more and more. Thank you without you it was not possible... :)